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Mr. Santo


Mr. Santo


Mr.Santo, born in Thailand, has been creating his incredibly life like sculptures since late 1980 from chains, springs, rods, ball bearings, brake bands, gears, and lots of other recycled metal. At this time he was the proprietor of souvenir shop in Samui for 10 years.

One day he decided to bring to fruition some thoughts that had been in the back of his mind for some time and began welding together some parts. He liked the result, as did many others who saw that first sculpture on the counter of the shop. Encouraged by both the response to the piece and his own enjoyment at creating it, Mr.Santo continued to create his sculptures over the next few years, and it wasn’t long before they were selling to customers.

The response was so good in fact that he held his first exhibition in his village in Thailand. The rest as they say is history.....Numerous exhibitions, showings, & commissions followed.

By early 2000s it was clear that the sculptures were going to be a permanent feature in their lives, so Mr.Santo decided to concentrate full time on his career as an artist.

Nowadays he is still growing in popularity and has now held several successful solo exhibitions in Asia.

Through exclusive representation by Elena Bulatova Fine Art in USA he has completed several large corporate commissions for public display in Philadelphia, USA, and sold pieces into the collections of some of the world’s prominent private collectors, and yet can still be perceived as an artist for the people.

His sculptures are welded together piece by piece and polished, then coated with lacquer to prevent it from rust and look shiny.

Now he has gained an international following as a highly collectable and sought after artist.